Loco Pocos are very cute tiny avatars.
They were invented by Damien Fate and you can read all about it here: Damiens Blog
I tried one and since then I prefer my Loco Poco avi to my biggie biker avi. :)

But as their clothes were mostly like pink dresses and such sweet stuff, I decided to create clothes for Loco Pocos, too.
So this is my cool biker bunny avi:


Don´t mess with evil bunny! :))

And the same goes for evil dragon Morton! :)

Mort and me sailing with our pirate boats.

And that´s us dancing in our new lounge.
In our mainstore upstairs there is a dance floor for biggies and Loco Pocos.

Morton in his new airplane!

Halloween Locos with spooky shirts and spider boots!

Our winter party on the 3d of December:
Many thanks to Natascha Randt who made this awsome movie! 

Hey, we are famous now! We danced on the stage while Cal was singing. :)

Tiny party at Beejee´s place and Ari made an awsome video!

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