Monday, February 20, 2012

MayCreations mesh biker jacket Lady Rider

This biker leather jacket for women is our first mesh item! It´s really cool . :-)

But before you buy it, make sure your viewer allows to
- display meshes
- add multiple alpha skins.

Mesh items require mesh compatible viewers.
That means who is not using a mesh compatible viewer can´t see them. They only see a strange box around your avatar.

Mesh viewers are: The official Linden viewer V 3 and Firestorm 3.3 and some other third party viewers. It needs to be able to add alpha skins also!
The easiest way to find out, if you can see mesh:
Wear a demo of the mesh item and when you see it properly like pictured on the vendor, you viewer is compatible.

Make sure your friends can see the mesh item also before you buy!

So far you cannot resize mesh clothes, so try all the demo sizes and wear one of the alpha skins with it. Add it to your avi, so you can wear it together with other alphas - of shoes for example. It takes a while to find the size and alpha skin that matches your avi.

And if everything is fine: Enjoy your new mesh clothes! :-)

Available in our mainstore  MayCreations mainstore
On SL market place: MayCreations mesh biker jacket Lady Rider

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